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Everyone can become an investigator.
People around the world are redefining how information is published and how wrongdoing is exposed.
Many are no longer just content receivers and consumers, but investigators and evidence-driven content creators in their own right. Real stories are being told from the ground up by the people and communities involved.
SEEK empowers them to do it factually, ethically, safely and effectively.
The SEEK Initiative is working to enable a global movement of individuals and communities who use reputable investigative methods and tools to expose what is really happening in their societies.
SEEK wants to empower everyone to create high-quality, verifiable, evidence-based stories that inform public decision-making and strengthen democracy in this era of information crises.
Empowering millions
We aim to engage millions of new investigators worldwide within five years – an achievable goal due to the collective reach we attain by operating as an alliance.
To build this movement at scale, the SEEK Initiative will:
build the proficiency of a group of leaders and mentors who have the potential to inspire, create and sustain their own local networks;
support these leaders and mentors to engage, strengthen and connect others within self-sustaining local networks;
create the first-ever meeting space for emerging investigators in the form of a knowledge sharing methodology, learning resources and online/offline fora

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