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Investigation builds community power.

People around the world are redefining how information is published and how wrongdoing is exposed.
Many are no longer just content receivers and consumers, but investigators and evidence-driven content creators in their own right. Real stories are being told from the ground up by the people and communities involved.

SEEK democratises the fight for truth by supporting people-powered investigations.

The SEEK Initiative is working to support the growing global movement of individuals and communities who use reputable investigative methods and tools to expose what is really happening in their societies.

SEEK wants to empower anyone to create high-quality, verifiable, evidence-based stories that inform public decision-making and strengthen democracy in this era of information crises.

Empowering millions

We aim to empower one million inquisitive people in five years through investigative projects, resources, and collaborations.

The SEEK Initiative believes individuals and communities experiencing injustice know better than anyone else about their own needs, challenges, and possibilities for change.
To support this movement at scale, the SEEK Initiative will:

empower people in communities to safely work together and investigate issues in the public interest
provide platforms and spaces that people can use to collaborate with each other on investigations
increase the skills, safety, diversity and number of people building power through community investigations.

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